We specialize in civil and commercial litigation and international arbitration.

Practice Areas

We litigate before national courts and arbitral tribunals.
Our practice stands out for its personal attention,
tireless thrust and cost efficiency. Under these principles,
our business–oriented litigation makes Bufete Asali
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Pro Bono

We dedicate our time and effort, at no cost, to represent those suffering impaired access to legal services. We have achieved novel precedents issued by the Mexican Supreme Court. We believe that access to justice must be available to all, and having contributed to that end in these cases is our greatest reward.

• Obtained an injunction ordering an insurance company to provisionally cover medical expenses of two seriously ill children, whose insurance policy had been wrongfully canceled to avoid payment.

• We upheld the validity of a donation agreement and avoided eviction of an elderly woman from her childhood home.

Commercial arbitration

Bufete Asali has acted as counsel in financial, construction, energy and infrastructure disputes under the ICC and LCIA rules. Additionally, we have handled disputes before Mexican Courts regarding the validity, scope and enforcement of arbitration agreements; recognition, enforcement and annulment of arbitral awards; and precautionary measures connected with arbitration disputes.

• Successfully set aside an ICC award that ordered the payment of USD 30 million to our client, a nation-wide media corporation.

• Representing the joint venture contractor in an LCIA construction arbitration against the owner of the hydroelectric project, a state-owned entity, after the breach of the USD 390 million agreement—a USD 220 million claim for work performed, costs and damages.

• Successfully represented a Spanish bank in a derivatives dispute regarding the client’s default on certain installments under the agreement.

• Representing a distributor of alcoholic beverages to lift a court’s injunction that froze its assets and operations, in connection with a commercial arbitration.

• Representing a Spanish energy corporation aiming to partially set aside an ICC award issued against Mexican public order and mandatory procedural rules.

• Representing a Mexican ship-owner in a commercial trial seeking to refer to arbitration a USD 65 million claim brought by a charterer for services provided to certain vessels.

Administrative litigation and amparo proceedings

The firm has extensive experience in administrative and amparo proceedings before federal courts and the Supreme Court of Justice. We have prevented governmental acts and orders from imposing risk and loses to our clients.

• Successfully represented an individual in a USD 20 million government liability claim after the illegal seizure and subsequent loss of an aircraft.

• Succeeded in an amparo dispute which upheld the winning bid of a telecommunications carrier, to provide services valued in USD 1 billion.

• Defended a port concessionaire against a state–owned entity in a USD 15 million dispute over port services’ collection rights.

• Handled diverse trials on behalf of intellectual property holders seeking damages relief for patent infringement.

Commercial litigation

The firm has successfully tried complex commercial matters, including corporate, financial and energy disputes, and bankruptcy proceedings.

> Corporate disputes

> Enforcement and termination of commercial agreements

> Bankruptcy and restructurings

> Banking and financial disputes

• Prevented the annulment of a shareholders’ meeting minute that ordered the sale of corporate assets exceeding USD 50 million in the media industry.

• Representing a US telecommunication provider against its Mexican partners regarding the hostile takeover of its USD 90 million stock in a wireless internet broadband corporation.

• Annulled the injunctions that froze the operation of a Mexican public traded company with a USD 1 billion stock market value in a shareholder’s dispute.

• Representing a Mexican company in the dispute against a trustee and a minority shareholder for the control of USD 100 million subsidiaries.

• Defended an important convenience store against claims asserted by one of its suppliers exceeding USD 5 million

• Representing the Mexican meat industry leader against a worldwide technology provider, after the purchase of a USD 10 million defective ERP system.

• Prevented on behalf of an insurer the collection of a USD 10 million collateral.

• Enforced a USD 30 million advertising agreement against a state-owned company.

• Obtained the allowance of creditor’s claims for the Mexican branch of a Spanish bank in various commercial insolvency proceedings.

• Recovered USD 350 million vessels, cranes and other equipment for a group of creditors from an oil services company during its bankruptcy proceedings.

• Recovered on behalf of a bank a USD 5 million credit in a bankruptcy proceeding, after successfully challenging a fraudulent transfer of property by the debtor.

• Obtained the allowance of creditor’s claims of numerous loans in the bankruptcy proceedings of the main Mexican airline.

• Representing an international financial group in the insolvency proceedings of a major company in the oil industry, obtaining the allowance of creditor’s claims and the annulment of fraudulent transfers of property.

• Representing a Mexican shipping company in a dispute over USD 75 million wrongfully held in escrow by a Mexican bank.

• Defended the Mexican branch of a Spanish bank in more than 50 different proceedings against individuals and entities avoiding more than USD 30 million in claims.

• Successfully represented a bank acting as trustee in disputes concerning its duties under the trust agreements.

Civil litigation

The firm has litigated and won cases in a variety of matters, such as enforcement and termination of contracts, torts, defamation and real state disputes.

> Enforcement and termination of civil contracts

> Tort liability

> Real estate disputes

• Recovered three gravel and sand mines, a USD 120 million asset, on behalf of its owner after a contractual breach.

• Obtained a ruling on costs favoring a major media company in an amount exceeding USD 35 million.

• Annulled a USD 25 million award in a proceeding connected with the construction industry.

• Represented a Mexican company in a defamation trial against a world leading technology provider, obtaining damages in excess of USD 90 million.

• Successfully represented one of the main toll–road concessionaires in the Mexican market, in a claim about illicit enrichment.

• Annulled two fraudulent agreements entered into by a former director and a supplier that caused USD 15 million damages to an international manufacturer of vehicle components.

• Handling a defamation case on behalf of a technology provider that disclosed a corruption scheme related to the operation of a toll road in Mexico.

• Successfully represented manufacturers in the phonograms industry against television and radio companies to enforce the payment of royalties for the use of their works.

• Successfully defended a Mexican nationwide convenience store chain in a USD 15 million real state dispute over land ownership titles, avoiding the store’s seizure and shutdown.

• Avoided the annulment of the ownership title issued in favor of various individuals who acquired a USD 30 million property in the Riviera Maya

• Hemos defendido la propiedad de activos inmobiliarios cuyo valor excede los mil millones de pesos en representación de una aseguradora internacional.

• Defended the ownership of USD 50 million real estate assets on behalf of an international insurer.

• Obtained the ownership by adverse possession of a building to allow the construction of a USD 75 million real estate project in Mexico City.

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